Why GRC?


It's about family

video on it's about family At GRC, it's not just about the academics; it is about the whole child. Involved best describes teachers, students and parents. Building strong, positive relationships is a top priority for everyone. From encouraging phone calls to postcards recognizing students' successes, the staff takes the time and energy to show how much they care. They make the effort to be as present and as supportive as they possibly can- for all students. As a result, students become kinder, more passionate adults who inspire one another as they tackle the challenge and complexity of the work at hand.

It's about innovation

As a charter school, GRC has more flexibility in terms of what and how students learn. For example, GRC offers courses that are unique to the Virginia Beach school division, such as Digital Photography and Design Technology. Digital Photography focuses on creating aesthetic pieces through the use of digital cameras, while Design Technology is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) class. Additionally, GRC offers courses to include IB Design Technology, an engineering course, and IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science. video on it's about innovation

It's about choices

video on it's about choices Green Run Collegiate believes that all students are unique. They differ in what they like, in how they think, and in how they learn. That is why GRC became the first school in the Hampton Roads area to provide multiple pathways to an IB education. With the Middle Years Program, the Diploma Program, and the Career-Related Program, students can choose an option with consideration to their interests and passions. Students deserve an education that caters to their needs, and at GRC, they are able to select what is right for them.

It's about support

GRC students arrive with a variety of experiences and backgrounds, so it is the school's responsibility to provide strong support structures for them. In addition to IB, GRC offers:

  • AVID (Advancement via Individual Achievement), a system which helps students strengthen their time-management, organizational, and higher-order thinking skills
  • Scholar Central, an after-school program offered four days a week that provides students with enrichment activities focused on mathematics and literacy
  • Saturday school, an optional academic support program that provides. Students a quiet place to study
video on it's about support